Stuff that makes me happy

My kiddos, my friends, really good sushi, music, concerts, feelings, playing, really good incense, big hugs, my grandmother, painting, singing, drawing, writing, cooking, organizing a complete and total mess, barbecues, laughing, dancing around, swimming, road trips, good movies, sharing moments, spoken word, comic books, poetry (when it’s good), human beat-boxing, Kung Fu movies (when they’re REALLY bad), Mystery Science Theater 3000, reading. A lot, belly dancers, Wes Anderson films, The feeling I get when I listen to certain music, documentaries, hiking, The feeling of lightness and freedom I get when I’m in a car in summer with all the windows rolled down, tiny coffee shops, holding hands, mountains, museums, flowers: peony, iris, hyacinth, and marigolds, wearing sandals until there’s snow on the ground, drummers, dinosaurs, Egypt, learning, people watching, the burn of working really hard on something and the ache of the muscles the next day,  honey sticks, making people laugh, making people smile, the smell of woodsmoke in the air on a crisp Fall day, burlesque, instruments: banjo, mandolin, ukulele, sitar, djembe,


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