Kimberly Brumback. Kimberly Hughes. Kimberly Brumback-Hughes hates hyphens and thinks they’re pretentious. And sometimes speaks in third person.  Pataphysicist,  super hero, single mommy.


5 Responses to About

  1. Alycia Kirkpatrick says:

    Love everything you do

  2. Lance says:

    Blog more, please.

  3. Karen J says:

    Via an old comment at Havi’s!
    So, Vevice – what’s a Pataphysicist do (or be)?

    • vevice says:

      Lifted from Wikipedia:
      is an absurdist, pseudo-scientific literary trope invented by French writer Alfred Jarry (1873–1907), that enigmatically resists being pinned down by a simple definition.[1] One attempt at a definition might be to say that ‘pataphysics is a branch of philosophy or science that examines imaginary phenomena that exist in a world beyond metaphysics; it is the science of imaginary solutions

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