On Bullying



I’m not going to pretend that I have all the solutions. It’s been a long while since I’ve written anything worthwhile or with a purpose. But This hit too close to home to stay silent.

I was bullied constantly in school. I grew up in a tiny town and the people from kindergarten were the people I graduated with. I think there were maybe 50 students in my graduating class. I won’t go into details or dynamics, but I know what it’s like to wake up every single day dreading to go to a place where you know you’ll be treated poorly, and you know it won’t end any time soon.

I feel for this girl, and all those like her. Like us.

There are too many times to count that I was sure I couldn’t take it anymore. Countless times that I was ready to give up.

I wanted to die.

I won’t pretend that I saw the light and had hope and strove to make it through. If you want the truth, I was honestly just too terrified to go through with it.

I don’t have the answers, and I won’t try to pipe rays of sunshine into anyone’s orifices, but you know what? It does get better.

It gets better. I promise. Just hold on. Hold on tight and fight with everything you have. Because one day school will be over. I guarantee you that you have more drive and strength in you because you’ve made it through this much, and you have something to prove to the whole world. And those assholes who tormented you for years for their own amusement? I promise you won’t ever have to see them again unless you decide to go to your high school reunions.

This world isn’t easy, and it will never, ever be perfect. Once you’re out of school you will have college and jobs and relationships and children. It’s hard and sometimes it hurts. But I promise you it’s beautiful.

You have an important mission, and a lesson to memorize from this. To those struggling with the same thing:

1)Tell someone. Tell any authority figure that will listen, and if they won’t listen, keep talking until someone will.
2)Don’t become like the people who hurt you.
3)Don’t make your heart hard. You don’t deserve this. Don’t take to heart what they’re telling you ABOUT YOURSELF. Keep yourself open to the beauty in this world and don’t let your hurt cloud your vision.
4)Prove them wrong. Prove them all wrong. Use your passion and imagination and fire and strength guide you to make this world a better place. This world needs you more than you know.

And finally:

Don’t give up. I promise you that you are beautiful and wonderful and we need you. And you know what? I love you.

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