The great big wonderful gratitude

I’m grateful to the people who offer me support as I try to find the correct path.

I’m grateful to my brother, who coerced me (gently, and with much love) to leave my comfort zone and meet some of his friends, who became my friends also. I’m thankful that I met each of you, and I wouldn’t trade anything for having met you. I’m glad that I got to know your kindness, your humor and your caring. Know that even though I’m far away, and can’t see you much that I still wish that I could. I love you.

I’m grateful to the airmen during my overnight layover in Baltimore, during my stressful flight back home from Italy. I was physically sick from lack of sleep and weary to the bone in every way possible. One let us watch Transformers on his laptop to keep the kids entertained so that I could sit still for a minute – thank you. To the very young airman who drew my son a picture of a Goomba to keep him entertained, (and then let him keep it) while I held my daughter, thank you. I nearly wept at the look of confusion and askance on your face when you drew a severe frown  on the character and asked Trent what letter of the alphabet it looked like, thinking he would answer “U” or “V” and he said “That looks like my daddy.” And to the airman who let the kids pick some of his extra snacks, and told Lilly how awesome she was when my two year old picked Pocky, thank you.

I’m so thankful that my mom drove all the way to Kansas City to pick me up from the airport. I didn’t know I could feel such a sense of relief and comfort knowing that I had finally come to a place where I could just lay quiet a while after everything that had happened.

To my Warrensburg friends: thank you so much for helping us feel welcome, loved, and supported in a town where I’m a stranger. Thank you for being wonderful, lovely friends. Thank you guys for being you, and for letting me be me.

Amanda, thank you for commenting on my blog that first time, for following me on twitter, and for not macing me right in the face when I saw you at the thrift store and I nearly yelled, “Oh hey, I follow you on twitter!” Thank you for being lovely. Thank you for inviting me over. Thank you for being wonderful to me and my kids. Thank you for being a crafty inspiration. Thank you for the invitation for tea, even though I haven’t taken you up on it yet.

Thank you all for being so very patient with me, for giving me space when I needed it, comfort when I craved it, love whether I felt that I deserved it or not, an ear and a shoulder, and for inviting me out to various places. Even when I can’t go, it’s a great feeling to be asked. And thank you for still asking even when I’m not up to it sometimes.

Lastly,  I’m grateful to Dragon Ball, for teaching me that sometimes to get stronger you have to have the crap knocked out of you.

Ok, that last part was a joke, but if anyone has some spare senzu beans, I’ll totally take them if you’re giving them out.

Over 9000,


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One Response to The great big wonderful gratitude

  1. amanda says:

    I less than three you too :) and you’re welcome.

    Thanks for being a non judgey crafty friend in the burg. Those are hard to find and are worth their weight in gold.

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