Quick Thoughts Before I Lose Them


I have a recording of Modest Mouse performing Cowboy Dan (admittedly not one of my favorite songs of theirs) that came on shuffle just now.  It’s a live version from Mural Amphitheater in ’98. Not that that information is important, but you’re welcome. At the end, they announce that someone lost a wallet and a MedicAlert bracelet. I wonder how many people have this recording, and how many of them have heard that, and how many times. I wonder if that guy ever got his bracelet back, I wonder if he ever heard the announcement at the end of that song. I wonder if the guy that lost the wallet is the same fellow that lost the bracelet.  To me, he’s forever frozen in time, ghostly, fuzzy outlines on the memory of him and that place. To me, he’s perpetually losing his bracelet, and always on his way to get it back. Every. Time.

Standing in the tall grass,


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