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Quick Thoughts Before I Lose Them

FOREVER LOST I have a recording of Modest Mouse performing Cowboy Dan (admittedly not one of my favorite songs of theirs) that came on shuffle just now.  It’s a live version from Mural Amphitheater in ’98. Not that that information … Continue reading

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Where I Belong, I’m Right

My mom got into a wreck.  Nothing serious, she’s fine, all that jazz, but she has to take her car in to get the bumper fixed tomorrow morning. By which I mean, the whole thing fell right off.  I followed … Continue reading

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There was a point to this, but it got hit by a bus. Funeral is on Tuesday.

Life is hard, sometimes really scary, and sometimes incredibly painful. Learn to laugh, learn to see the beauty. Even if you’re laughing at yourself. Laugh at your quirks, and see the beauty in them. Even if someone else is telling … Continue reading

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