Some older gent was traveling on foot through Pordenone, minding his own business, pushing a wheelbarrow with two televisions in it.
My mind wonders what circumstances would lead this gentleman to this. I can’t come up with any one answer that satisfies me. But I can come up with a few fanciful ones.
Really lame and slow robbery?
Broke and has to take them somewhere to sell?
Broken and has to take them for repair?
Did he just have the wheelbarrow laying around? Or did he have to borrow it?

I was driving through the city last week and there was a fashionable young Italian dude leaning against a wall with his friends chatting and smoking and just generally looking all high fashion and Italian like. Which is not an unusual thing here, but what was different about this young man was the house cat he had on a chain. Just chillin’ and being all mellow despite the city traffic and bustle of pedestrians. Any cat I’ve ever known would be plastered to a leg and freaking out. Apparently the Italian cats are all, “Feh. I speet on your American cat ways.”

The four year old wanted some grapes. I told him they were in the kitchen in the fridge he could go grab them.
He said, “I can’t! It’s too dark.”
I told him that it was just a little dim, and that the light switch was easily accessible and he could turn the light on before he ever went into the kitchen.
“Mama, I assure you, it is too dark.”
So I helped him. Also? He is awesome.

We were on our way home from the store and Trent had some gummy worms. He put two on his cup, one on his head, a couple on his shoulders, one on his leg. Then said, “Ahhhh! Mom! They’re everywhere! Then he saved the day by eating them.

Bath time, Trent was playing with bubbles from his shampoo. He gave me five and then kept his hand there and said, “Oh no! Our hands are stuck together because of the bubbles! What are we going to do now?!” While he was fake pulling his hand away and failing, Lilly came to the rescue, saying “I’ll help!” and pulled our hands apart. Then she threw her tiny fists in the air and yelled “I’M AWESOME!”

I’m awesome,


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