Still in Italy

About 2a.m. nothing was working, stuff kept breaking, the suitcases weren’t cooperating and who the heck has six suitcases worth of clothes when it’s just me and two little kids anyway? I need bigger suitcases.  Toward the end I was afraid that I wasn’t going to get everything to fit and that was the final straw that made me think, “I can’t do this I can’t do this I can’t do this.”

I told Chris and he got Kyle and she gave me the best emergency support ever. I owe her x’s a million.

Space Available unfortunately is what it sounds like. They only had a few available seats, I was category 5 and they stopped at category 3 because they ran out of room.  The closer the holidays get, the harder it will be to get on because more and more people are going home for the holidays. Which means every week I get to drag six bags to the car and drive to the base and drag the kids through and hope they have space. I can try again on Nov 14th, Nov 21st (my wedding anniversary….) and Dec 1st.

He’s not in the house but he’s still sending me messages (and thus breaking the restraining order)


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