What A Difference

It’s only been five days since they removed John from the house and the kids and I have been by ourselves and today? Today the kids and I DANCED A JIG while we were cooking. This feeling? Totally awesome.
I’ve got a few things to write, and I’ve got other stuff that needs doing, but I had to write this down so that when I was feeling bummed, I could come back to it and realize that there’ll be good things to look forward to as well as some crappy days.

You know that feeling you get when you win something really neat? On Christmas? Which is also your birthday? And you’re having a good hair day? And your favorite jeans fit REALLY WELL and heck, maybe you’ve even lost a few pounds and have you been working out?

That’s the feeling that I’ve got right now.

I think this is what they call “hope”.

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One Response to What A Difference

  1. Feisty T says:

    Yes sweet darling…that is more than hope…that is what life is supposed to really feel like!

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