More About Italy

I continue to be in love with the mountains. I have not seen anything in nature as lovely or as breathtaking.  I would love to scale those alps by Aviano I don’t think it’ll ever happen, though, as I don’t think Trent and Lilly are adept climbers.

The roads are incredibly narrow and some of the houses have doors that open right onto the street. Those houses have been there for 350 years, and I love them. All the buildings are so overly romanticized in my head, it’s ridiculous. Since the roads are so tiny, and it’s hard to see around some things, there are mirrors at a lot of intersections. Those are pretty awesome too, to see big mirrors mounted all over the place.

More road stuff: No right turns on red. Italians drive like crazy people and a lot of times there’s a “third” lane created in the middle of the road when people decide to drive there for a while to get around everyone else. Apparently Italians aren’t allowed to drive until they’re 18, and they have to go to school for 6 months before they can get their licenses. Honking is something they hardly ever do, and is prohibited in certain areas. People on motorcycles and motorbikes drive like crazy people. they will pass you and drive like mad. Especially on those mountain roads, they’ll go a zillion miles an hour, on a curve, while passing you. I keep expecting to see bloody carcasses. I feel like an old person, wanting to yell, “How can you pass?! There’s a mountain! You can’t see around that! You don’t know what’s coming! Be more careful!”

Almost all the vehicles here are tiny; I saw a car I really liked the other day. It was a Ford Ka, this made me smile, because Ka in Egyptian sort of means spirit, soul, or life force. I also know that the word “whore” comes from the word hora, from the Indo-European word kā, meaning “desire”. I don’t remember how or why I know both of these things, I am a walking encyclopedia of useless knowledge. Thank you Ford, for making me remember these things, and for putting a smile on my nerdy face.

I saw a sign that said “Smooth Move”, for a class on how to have a smooth transition while you’re moving from one place to another. My wonderful little brain thought it would be much better if it was a class for sarcasm. “Smooth Move, Ex Lax: The everyman’s guide to sarcasm and witty rhetoric.”

Thinks you’re silly, in a really good way,


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