A Few Random Things

Drove out to the Alps today. Ever since I got here, visibility has been low. Today I discovered that from the house you can see the mountains. The further I got into the mountains, the more overwhelmed I felt. Eventually I was crying like a little bitch and thinking that all the art, all the music and beauty we try to create is a sad little shadow of this. I was seriously all emotional, and found it hard to speak. I felt a little self conscious about it, and then told myself, “You’re feeling what you’re feeling, quit feeling bad about the emotion and just be in the emotion.” Let the ego go, woman, and just feel.

The water was the most amazing blue/green color and came from the peaks. It was also very cold on my toes.

I took pictures, but isn’t even a fraction of the beauty of seeing it in person, though. Stupid stupid camera.

Everything is gorgeous here. People grow mini-vineyards in their backyards rather than corn and tomatoes like back home.  Even the old run down houses are beautiful and picturesque. Today I thought, “Holy poop, even the sunlight looks different.” Then I thought, no, that’s silly. Then I remembered all the great painters that came to Venice to paint because they said the lighting was better here, (and it’s maybe 40 minutes away) so what the heck. Who knows.

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