Pavlov’s Dating Pool or Call Me Miss Anthropy

Priorities being what they are, you should absolutely take care of yourself, your family, friends first, but not to the point of full-on, charge-through, forget who I hurt kind of a way.

I find it maddening that most people are more concerned with “get drunk and have sex” than learning about themselves or anyone else. Deep down in my core I get aggravated with myself, because I think, “None of my business; if that’s what they want to do, if that’s what makes the majority of the populace happy, then it’s not hurting me any, whatever.” But it still bugs me.

It bothers me that when people are careless jerks that lack anything other than a drive for eat/sleep/work/sex/tv I get annoyed at them. Let’s see that again, shall we? It bothers me that I get annoyed at them, because this does not affect me in any way. It is not my life, and not my problem. It still irks me, because why don’t you care? Why don’t you want to know? There are incredible things out there, and you are just wading through your own mental refuse.

Most of the time I just ignore it, but sometimes I meet people that are charismatic and passing fair with the intelligence, and they just don’t care. Some have the potential to be really quite smart and mentally stimulating, and it drives me crazy that they do as little as possible when it comes to discovering anything about themselves, and then use that charisma to screw anything that will let them. So much potential, down the drain.

To be fair, this happens regardless of gender; I feel like maybe if people were less concerned with finding their next sexual conquest, and more concerned with connecting with each other on a more cerebral level, this world would be such a better place.

I fully understand and accept that what I like and what other people like may not be the same. That’s what makes this whole world unique and wonderful and amazing. I know it takes all kinds. I get it. Reading a truck load of books and ruminating on a whole lot of thoughts admittedly sounds really lame, but that’s what I love. And dude, that does not depreciate, you know? If you read or learn something, it does not take away from any experience. Learning something new or understanding something from a different approach or angle only opens up doors to understanding and learning other things that you may or may not have even known existed. Who needs drugs? With enough introspection, you can blow your own mind.

I think maybe I am a little harder on women, because what the heck, ladies? I have a sneaking suspicion that many of you are not as dumb as you let on. You are a representative of all of women everywhere, an ambassador of femalehood, and you are giving us all a bad rap. Knock that off, please.

Behavior study is so incredibly interesting to me. Especially male/female gender roles and relationships. I believe women act like idiot dingbats sometimes because that’s what we’re “supposed” to do,  and men act like big stoic macho jerk faces sometimes because that’s what they’re “supposed” to do. Here’s an idea! How about you all act like yourselves rather than what the “general stereotypical consensus” is because when women act stupid, that makes men crazy and think that women are all stupid, and then they act like jerkfaces. And when men are jerkfaces and act all macho and jerk-facey, women think they’re all like that. And then it makes women crazy. It becomes this big downhill snowball, vicious circle of “you’re all a bunch of stupid jerks.” And both groups take that emotional baggage on to the next relationship and they toss all that stuff around and break up and drag that baggage on, blah blah. (This is just an example. There are way more diverse relationships than this, and I don’t mean to suggest that any combination of woman/man or woman/woman or man/man or woman/man/man/woman/man/stuffed animal is in any way better than another. Assuming all parties, including the stuffed animal, are consenting, of course.)

Perhaps this says less about gender roles and relationships in general, and more about my relationships specifically, yeah? Maybe I’m projecting.

Actually, just gender roles themselves minus all the relationship mess is also interesting. Maybe someday society will be able to look past the “male” “female” “trans” “what have you” and see something without having to slap a label on it, though I doubt it.

Maybe what really needs to happen is I need to stop worrying about it, and get my face back into a book. The only thing any of us can do is work on ourselves; you can’t make anyone want it. That’s the thing about enlightenment, no?



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