In Which I Geek Out Hardcore

You might not want to read this because I geek out hardcore and it’s really kind of sad. You have been warned.

I rented the first two Spider-man movies because Trent likes him… I worried that it may be a little too scary for him but he did fine with it.

I had a hard time with Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin because every time I looked at him, I thought Boondock Saints. Which made me picture Green Goblin rolling around the floor in stockings and a wig then yelling,  “THERE WAS A FIRE FIIIIIIGHT!”  I do this more than I should. I think Rodney Dangerfield is a huge jerk, and the only thing I have ever seen him in is Natural Born Killers. For all I know he spends his days taking care of orphans and finding homes for kittens, but that’s how much his character in that movie ruined him for me.

The part at the end of the second movie where Mary Jane leaves the dude at the altar and runs all slow motion and picturesque out of the church and past a fountain? Talk about over-kill. If I lived in a big city, this is what I would do in my spare time: I would get a big fancy wedding dress and just run through crowds.. I get a kick out of that idea. I would do it every weekend. I bet if I could get a partner in crime to agree to take pictures of people’s reactions, I could write it off as “art.”

In the end, The Good Guy gets The Girl that he’s been pining after since forever. Which, talk about delayed gratification.. It’s all fine and dandy but fast forward them having been together for 50 years; she will complain about how he always leaves his disguise on the floor for her to pick up instead of just throwing them in the hamper two feet away. She will condescendingly refer to these as his “Superhero pajamas” for the sole purpose of making him mad. And He will complain about how he always has to dig in the clothes basket for a clean spider-man suit and why can’t you just HANG UP THE CLEAN CLOTHES anyway, lazy? Well if you would bother to keep a job, then I could just hang out all day doing your laundry, but someone has to have steady work to pay the bills, Mr. Flake has to go save the world.

I read comic books when I was a kid. Spider-Man was one that I read on occasion but couldn’t really get into. Mary Jane and Peter Parker were just too boring for me to be properly entertained.  I much preferred X-Men, Generation X, The Maxx (I was 13 when The Maxx came out, but to me, this is still a kid) I might catch some flack for this but sometimes comics remind me of soap operas, even though Soap Operas annoy me. (Warning: upcoming exaggerations!) Both comics and daytime dramas have plots, sub plots, memory loss, alternate universes, alternate planes, dream sequences, possession, and other Deux es machina just because they get everything so complicated. And after a while, really, you have to because where the heck else are you going to take these things to keep people’s interest?

X-Men was pretty good. The movie(s) I was iffy about. I think they picked the perfect person to play Beast because I get the same uncomfortable annoyed feeling at Kelsey Grammar that I do at Beast. Two thumbs up on the casting for that role. I haven’t seen the new Wolverine movie but I have high expectations for Gambit. I heard bad things about this movie from people who have seen it, so I’m skeptical. Cyclops and Jean Grey I could not care less about, which is the same reaction I had when I read the comics. I can’t think of anyone more vanilla than those two; although Dark Phoenix was pretty cool. I’d like to see Rogue more, and I also dug Blink and Psylocke. The Generation X comics made me love Emma Frost/White Queen; though Jubilee got a little exasperating with her “I used to be an X-Man. I’m important! I DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU!” Yeah. You used to be an X-Man. But you aren’t now. They removed you and put you here. So do your job. I didn’t like Banshee, he was kind of a pansy. Skin was gross, Synch kind of sucked and Monet was a intolerable. Penance was awesome and I loved her, but the whole M/Penance/Emplate/twins thing got a little contrived.

Later I got into stuff like Tank Girl, Locke and Key, 30 Days of Night, Stray Bullets, Deadpool, The Walking Dead, Girls, and then graphic novels like Lucifer, The Watchmen, The Sandman, and The Preacher.

Transmetropolitan I love, and Warren Ellis is one of my favorite writers. He also worked for Marvel and DC for a bit. More good ones are Global Frequency, Apparat, Blackgas, Fell, and Crooked Little Vein, which is a novel rather than a Graphic Novel. He’s done much more, but those are a few of my favorites.

Now to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. In addition to superheroes, Trent also loves pirates; Maybe I can cultivate that because awesome.

Am I too overprotective? Is this because maybe I was overprotected when I was little? I grew up in Arma, which is a TINY little town, and spent most of my time at my grandmother’s house at the end of a dead-end street, and I still was only allowed to ride my bicycle to the stop sign and back, even when I got older. Now, these days, I see a kid probably around 10 or 12 out riding his bike by himself (granted it was a busy street in Pittsburg) and I’m like WHAT THE HECK IS THAT KID DOING OUT HERE BY HIMSELF? WHERE ARE HIS PARENTS?! 

Puts tape on her glasses,


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