Barney Gets Existential (In A Non Pretentious Way)

I thought about my past, and people I used to know, and my life and people I currently interact with. I thought about how those people I know are friends with people that I don’t even know exist, and how our view on the world and the people in it are never (usually) exactly the same.  I thought about how someone might integrate an event into their life, I might take on in an entirely different way.  We experience the same thing, but we experience it differently. Humans do not live in a void or a vacuum, and we view the world through the prism of our own experiences. Nobody has the exact same thoughts as I do, and if they do, it’s through their “this is my life, these are my friends, these are my views, these are my emotions” filter.  And if someone, somewhere at sometime lives/has lived my life pretty much exactly the same way, it would still be a tad bit different, because I’ve got my Kimbrain filter, and they’ve got theirs.

*I always swore that if I ever had children I would never ever ever do certain things.  One of these: my children would never watch Barney.  But they dig him!  They dig him so much that when they look at me with big puppy dog eyes and say “Barney, momma?”  I pop that sucker in every time.  I hate all the stupid songs, but sometimes I can picture them sung by musicians I love (and I can totally imagine Ben Folds doing 99% of these, and doing them WELL) and it gets easier to tolerate.
I was also never going to be the kind of parent that did the, “You have till the count of three” Thing.  I hate it.  I hate it more than you will ever know. I hate it with the fiery burning of a thousand suns.  One night after the kids had gone to sleep, I let the dog out.  I called her back in, and she didn’t listen to me.  I guess I never realized that I did the Counting Thing, or if I did, that I did it so much.  Because I heard myself saying, “Oatmeal!  Come inside.  One…” and then I thought, “What was that?  For one you’re counting and secondly, she’s a dog..”



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