Summer, hooray!

I can’t wait for summer. Bare feet, sandals, flip-flops! The smell of freshly cut grass. Watermelon. Swimming and sunshine. The scent of Honeysuckle on the breeze at twilight. LIGHTNING BUGS! Swing sets, butterflies! Sprinklers and the kids running through them.  A million flowers in a million colors and a million smells. And oh, the Irises! The Peonies! The Lilacs! The Daffodils! The Dandelions! The burst of absolute joy when you feel the breeze on an oh so hot day, and are granted a moment of reprieve when that sweet gentle touch cools your skin, and the wind chimes that accompany it. Running, walking, jumping, skipping!

Now that the kids are older, they are much more able to enjoy these things, like I did when I was little. I am so excited to experience and discover everything all over again, right along with them.

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